EOL Notice: AppleCare Xsan Support

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News from Apple:

Apple is no longer selling AppleCare Xsan Support.

Existing Xsan AppleCare Support contracts are valid and will be supported by Apple until the contract expires.

I am not sure if it will still be supported with the Enterprise support..

Anybody else aware ?

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We only had AppleCare Xsan Support for the first year we used Xsan. For the past few years we have been using the AppleCare Per-Incident Support with excellent results.

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The XSan support product was XSan ONLY - a product that no one really bought. It was introduced many years ago, superseded by Applecare OS support at a cheaper price. I remember attempting to purchase XSan only support a few years ago when we first acquired the san. My apple account executive recommended very strongly to NOT buy the XSan only product. This was three years ago, and even back then, the product made no sense at all. Too limited in scope.

We've have maintained Apple OS Support for years with excellent results.

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For an annual support plan that includes support for Xsan, see AppleCare OS Support: