Rorke Data Storage Galaxy HDX 4

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Hi, guys!
Any one know that a Rorke Data Storage Galaxy hdx4 works on Mavericks and the latest version of Xsan? I've searched for info about this storage system, but the last info that i founded was on 2011... LOL


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IIRC this unit is based on infortrend hardware. At least it was when I set up a HDX Aurora Galaxy HD3 many moons ago. There were Stanley Cup riots going on. No fun. Oh anyway, ya, the hardware.... It used for metadata for a StorNext setup. So no Mac clients interacted with it directly. When I did try to get multi path working with an actually infortrend branded box I was not successful. Using ATTO HBA and drivers. It works as a LUN, but I couldn't get multi path working. The setup was fun too. CLI or web or the little display on the raid. Choose your pain.


Mat X