Xsan 10.9.4 does not add clients 10.8.5

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Good Evening brave Xsan deployers

Last year i built an Xsan of 120 TB in 3x volumes, 2x 10.9.1 servers with 6x clients 10.8.5, working flawless (except for the random failover issue)

Two months ago, i upgraded both the MDC servers at 10.9.4 to get rid of the famous bug (finally !!! ), and added a MacPro 2013 with 10.9.4. No problem so far.

Today, i reinitialised one of the clients with 10.8.5 for some issues with Adobe suite, after removing it from the Xsan system regularly But now, after putting back everything where it was (Name, IP, DNS, and activating the Xsan client), The computer does not appear in the list of the Xsan Admin when i want to add it, no matter what i do.

The DNS respond with absolute perfection on both public and metadata network
The LUN are perfectly seen in the Disk Utility
Already canceled and recreated the Xsan dir into the Library/Preferences of the client. The uuid file is generated, but still nothing.

The other 5x clients 10.8.5 are working, but i don't know what will happen if i remove them from the Xsan. I still cannot test on another mac 10.8.5 if the problem repeat itself, because the system is in production.

I will try, eventually, to upgrade the client to 10.9.4 and check if, like this, it will be added to the Xsan system.

Is this a bug any of you experienced?
Maybe an upgrade to the 10.9.5 will solve it?

A curious fact:
When i open the Xsan Admin to add the computer, it ask me to install the Xsan 2 on the computer i want to add, and prepare the serial number........ what ?????

Thanks a lot for any help

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So, i want to give an update after so many tests

Upgraded the client to Maverick 10.9.4 -> nothing
Reinitialized the client to 10.8.5 -> nothing
reinstalled the Time Machine backup on the client to put back the configuration -> nothing

All the other clients are working like a charm.

Honestly, i don't know what to do anymore.....

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After restoring the Time Machine sorted no effect, i decided to manually copy the Xsan folder from the time Machine drive (included the hidden .auth_secret), and the volumes are back online.

Despite the fact this computer still does not appear in the Xsan admin of both MDC, but i'll try to manually modify the config.plist

Curious that restoring the Time Machine didn't put back the files correctly.

Personal Website: http://gabriele-zanon.branded.me
Twitter: @GabrieleZanon83
Linkedin: https://it.linkedin.com/in/neverimpossible

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Were you able to eventually get the client to appear in the Xsan admin ?
If so, how did you solve it ?

I have a similar issue, however I was unfortunate and did not have time machine to restore back to and have been unable to add my client back to my SAN setup.

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Having the same issue as 10.9.4.
Also could some one define the hidden meaning of the error codes in XADMIN when displaying computers.

fsnameservers incorrect?

Incorrect search policy?

Running a 5 volume 100TB XSAN with a mix of 10.6.8, 10.8.5 and 10.9.5 clients.
MDC's are running 10.9.5