Xsan4 with StorNext Windows Client Configuration Help!

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  • 3 Mac-Mini's (Late 2014, i5, 16GB RAM, SSD)
  • QLogic 5802v Switch
  • Cisco 1gb Switch
  • ATTO Celerity FC-81EN **(Unreliable, inconsistent)**

- We replaced these with the Promise SanLink2

  • StorNext FX Client 5.2
  • Promise VTrak E630FD (Storage Array)

(note: I have already racked all the hardware, created my zones in the fabric (Qlogic), connected the fiber, metadata, and created my LUNS on my storage array.)

MY FIRST ERROR (During Initial Setup)

  • Missing LUNS - After I had created my LUNS, my MDC was unable to see them. I had to manually adjust settings on the ATTO cards, so that it would see the LUNS, but after reboots, sometimes it would go missing. This is why I replaced the ATTO cards w/ the Promise SanLink2's.
  • Labeling LUNS - Whenever I tried to label LUNS via the Xsan setup, it would later drop the label, this was also related to using the ATTO cards.
    • If you are using HBA's that require you to configure settings, keep these settings in mind: **

- Xsan supports sector values of 512 bytes only!
- The stripe value remains set at 64K!


  • Volume Pausing/Very Very Slow Performance - This is where it gets tricky and this is why it took me over 3 weeks to troubleshoot. This issue can be caused by the following things:

- Check port settings on Fiber Switch (target or initiator settings)
- Bad SFP/Fiber Cable (use the same type of SFP in pairing)
- Faulty controller on storage array
- Faulty chassis on storage array
- or faulty Fiber Switch altogether!

I first suspected a bad possible port, so I contacted Qlogic and gave them the dump support files. They responded that everything checked out OK, so I believed them. I then worked with 4 different reps at Promise and got the controller RMA'd first. Once that did not resolve the issue, they then RMA'd the chassis, once that didn't resolve the issue ... I then pulled the fiber cable from the controller that was functional and placed in the one that wasn't working and it started working!! Made me very angry and happy at the same time.

So trust yourself, more than the professionals!! Go with your gut instinct and if you believe a certain component has issues, you're probably correct.

- First off Xsan4 is ONLY compatible with StorNext client 5.2, so if you're not using 5.2 download it!!

  • Unable to Mount Xsan Volume on StorNext Client - You need to do two things.

- Copy the ".auth_secret" from /Library/Preferences/Xsan/ on the MDC and paste it in C:\Program Files\StorNext\config\ of the Windows StorNext client.

- Then you will need to acquire a license.dat file from Quantum. You may need to contact their support. If you do not already have it. ** If you need to request for one, they will need the cvfsid of the MDC. Bring up a terminal on the MDC and type "cvfsid" and provide them that string.

- Once you received the license.dat file, you will then place that on the MDC in /Library/Preferences/Xsan/. You may need to restart Xsan on the MDC.

    • If you're still unable to mount and receiving an "Access Denied" error on the StorNext client. They might have given you the wrong license.dat file, that's exactly what happened to me!! **

To verify, go to the MDC's /Library/Logs/Xsan/debug/snlicense.log file. If you see something like the example I provide below, then you were given the wrong license.dat file!

(E)[20150610 13:42:01.388560 0] Error enumerating licenses: License string '4XX8X2X314XF' has an invalid or unsupported version.
(E)[20150610 13:42:01.388560 0] Error enumerating licenses: License string '4XX8X2X314XF' has an invalid or unsupported version.

    • If you're still unable to mount, but receiving a different error this time, stating that "The specified network resource or device is no longer available" **

All you need to do is go to the "Advanced Mount Options" of the StorNext client and be sure to check the box for "Allow Diskless Mount" and you should be good to go.

Use AJA System Test to check/verify throughput!

If you need additional explanation or have questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to respond! Good Luck!!

Useful Links -
StorNext Config Guide: http://downloads.quantum.com/SNMS/4.7.0/6-67950-01_SN-SNFX_4.7.x_Install...
Xsan Compatibility for StorNext: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201256
Xsan 4 Migration Guide : https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/xsan-4-migration-guide/id925553723?mt=11


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You RMA'd a whole Promise chassis without trying it as a local disk only?

In the end you replaced a fiber cable to a MacMini MDC and it fixed your issues?

-Trevor Carlson

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I've forgotten to mention that ... I was able to configure as local disk.

Actually, in the VERY end ... our reseller gave us a Brocade 300 and everything now works GREAT!!

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I could get a trial version of stornext fx 5.2 ?