Changing Storage without screwing up Final Cut Server

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We are moving from an Xsan to Active storage. Do we have to name the new storage the same volume name as the old storage? I have tested moving the location of a FCSvr device on a local box and it always breaks the relationship with the clips. Am I missing something? Can I copy the devices from my old xsan to my new active-san and just change the file paths within FCSvr and get everything to work?

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Yes, you can change the paths to the devices in the Admin panel (or in Sys Pref).

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Is there any reason why the clips would lose their link with the original media?
In all my tests that is what happens. The only difference I can think of is my tests have been on a local machine/local storage as opposed to on an xsan volume.

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nope, they are just links. did you change ALL of your devices to the new location?

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In my test I only had one location change so there shouldn't have been issues with anything else. Once our new storage is up I will have to move them all.

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Hey guys, I've just come across this discussion. I am also trying to remap the location of my devices from one folder on an XSAN to another. Can anyone provide a simple step by step? I tried to change the links to the devices in FCSvr pref pane then copy the contents of the folders across to the new destination but then FCSvr Client won't start up anymore.

The key do you migrate devices to another location cleanly...specifically, how to migrate the extra files like proxy.bundle etc.

Any thoughts?


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I managed to change the location of our FCSvr archive devices from one Xsan volume to another. First I synced over all the data. Second I amended the paths in the System Pref pane. Worked first go and with no problems.

The proxy.bundle didn't need any amendment at all. I guess it works by FCSvr asset number rather than mapping to a particular location. I am sure somebody will correct me if my guess is wrong.

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We are trying the same thing as well - move our FCS assets to a new storage device.

Final Cut Server 1.5.

Is there nothing that needs to change in the database when we move from for example /Volumes/XSAN/FCS/ to /Volumes/newstorage/FCS/?

Do we just need to change the Device Locations?

As the first poster found, we too are getting broken links and no thumbnails.