StorNext FX 5.2.2 clients Windows & Linux

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I'm thinking of purchasing one/two client for Windows and Linux to accompany a small Xsan 4.1. setup used for postproduction work.

Would the StorNext-Fx-4.7 license (link below) entitle you to the later versions? i.e. StorNext-Fx 5.2.2 so it's compatible with Xsan 4.1.

It seems a relatively simple question but I can't find the answer anywhere.

Thanks in advance


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It requires support. If you don't buy support you don't get the next version. Just buy 5.2 now and get the proper version from quantum. i would reach out to quantum sales directly or I can sell it to you, or tekserve.

I have used 4.7 with stornext fx with yosemite and el cap.

-Trevor Carlson