Using Multiple Metadata Controllers

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So, I know almost nothing of networking and yet am tasked with upgrading our company's Apple Mavericks / Server 3 / XSAN 2 environment over to El Capitan / Server 5 / XSAN 4 environment. Tonight I did a small scale test and successfully updated the primary controller. Upon instillation of Server 5, it immediately recognized and mounted the Fiberchannel RAID. I also upgraded one of the workstations, but try as I might, I cannot get the workstation to mount the RAID. I really don't know what I'm doing and I tried following some setup guides to create some sort of profile files that were supposed to make the client recognize and mount the XSAN, but they didn't work...

Anyway, here's my question.

If Server 5 saw and mounted the RAID effortlessly, what are the potential pitfalls (I'm sure there are many) of just installing Server 5 on all of my clients and making them all metadata controllers? Is that insane? It is, isn't it.

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This isn't insane actually but would imply additional network traffic for all the MDC to keep their status in sync. As long as your metadata + journal are also visible on fiber channel to your clients that would be converted to MDC, then this should work indeed.