How to get Xsan 2.2?

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We're running our xserve's on 10.6.8, tried upgrading but the lack of server features has kept us at Snow Leopard.

We want to start using Xsan but it seems apple no longer sells xsan licenses because it is included with

How are we supposed to use xsan with Snow Leopard if we cannot get licenses, as well as not beginning able to upgrade to 10.8.....

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im not condoning software piracy but you can't buy it. soooo. just google xsan-020 the first answer will solve your problems. well it got me out of jam once how about that.

-Trevor Carlson

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Setting up new controllers with 10.8 server will allow you to put newer Macs running 10.7 or 10.8 with XSAN clients on your SAN.

Keep your 10.6 servers doing what they do, just use new one for Xsan.