The tips of installing and debugging Jaw crusher after purchasing

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After purchasing jaw crusher,we should care ahout the installing and debugging .Here are some tips.
1. The machine should be installed in a shelter separated from the rain.
2. The motor should be installed behind the Largest Fixed Impact Crusher. And the rotatable direction of the motor should be exactly same with the ordered direction.Don’t be opposite.
3. The machine should be fastened to the concrete foundation,which set aside discharged output.The angle between the machine and the ground should be 40 degree.
4. Before debugging the discharged port,release the reset sping and tighted it after debugging.The degree of Granite Aggregate Grinding Machine tension should be appropriate that the noise of the toggle and the toggle plate seat should be minimum and ancon plate at working do not fall off.
5. Confirm each coupling screws have been tightening before commissioning.
6. Confirm each moving part of good lubrication test.
7. If the machine is fed into hard ore and it has no trouble,while the bearing temperature not exceeding 70 DEG C,it can be put into production.