Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Xsanity

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Your eyes do not deceive you. Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Xsanity. We have a new platform, a new server, and plans for way more. Your logins should still work and all eight years of forum contact has been migrated (I think). Those front page stories from Geeklog haven't made the trip yet. It may take a more few weeks before that happens.

And we launched before the Mac Pro did. ;-)

And I have two people to thank.

One: Joel Samuel of /32 Consulting has provided the server and hosting. Little known fact: we'd been running on an Xserve G4 since our launch over eight years ago. Now, we're on some *cloud* server with a control panel and stuff. Not only is it fast, it actually will work. Now that's an improvement.

Two, and most importantly, Trevor "abstractrude" Carlson of Thumbwar — but better known as "that guy who knows more about Xsan than God" — was the number one proponent of modernizing Xsanity. Without his encouragement, we'd be still getting there, someday...

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You guys may need to update your passwords using the reset link.

-Trevor Carlson