10.7.5 Upgrade Experiences?

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Anyone do the upgrade to 10.7.5?

The updates for AD connectivity look encouraging. Particularly Not having to call the IT department to change mac user AD passwords will be nice. But also, they say they fixed some issues in regards to AD permissions.

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We upgraded all our MDCs to 10.7.5 about three weeks ago in our MultiSAN with 80 clients and 14 volumes.

Havent seen any issues so far. It has actually made Xsan Admin more stable.

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How much RAM do your MDCs have at 14 Volumes?

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At the moment we have 7 Xserve MDCs hosting those volumes. Four of them have 16GB of ram, the rest have 12GB ram.

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Hi guys i found this old post maybe someone can help me with it.

I waited enough to update my servers to 10.7.5 i did not wanted to because i know what to expect from apple in server apps: trouble. anyway other app from clients needed the update so i had to do that.

Now ACL´s from some important and shared folders does not work anymore, in this case users are not allowed to access the folders. So pain in the ass i had to meanwhile move to posix but i cant keep it for long time.

New users in the open directory cant log in. always refused connections and maybe unexpectedly they can log in and the next few days they would not.

AFP machines joined through reshare xserves are not automounting anymore.

i have found issues related to the updating of the failover server for Xsan and open directory. This guys from apple are a real pain. every release is painfully expected.

I forgot to say that i have done many things to get it back to work but it is a bug. Do i have to be a developer to solve this crappy software issues?<