2K Sports have plans to return All Star Mode to NBA 2K17

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NBA All-Star Weekend just passed and it was awesome, but even more exciting news comes from 2k, the developers of NBA 2k17. According to the latest news that 2K Sports have plans to return All Star Mode to NBA 2K17.If 2k-Sports are really planning to add this legendary mode it would be a perfect time since Kobe Bryant’s last year’s team would be included in it. To custom set rosters for this year’s All-Star teams would be a widely welcomed feature?by fans, especially if they had the option to try out a three-point shootout dunk content with any player they wanted at any time.

The last several 2K games have lacked All-Star Weekend events as a unique mode or event. While there has been MyCareer mode, players haven’t been able to play an All-Star Weekend event whenever they wanted to.

You can watch STG’s video about the possibilities for All-Star events in?NBA 2K17?at the top of this post. Obviously, the game hasn’t even been announced yet but it will likely be available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and mobile platforms.?NBA 2K16?was released on PS3 and Xbox 360 as well but 2K Sports may feel it’s time to move the series forward.

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