Active Storage and UPS intelligence

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Has anyone set up a system with Active Storage who listens to APC UPS? I want to Active Storage to shutdown after a while when it get's to hot in the server room. (we had some airco issues in the past).

I can't seem to get it working with the serial cable (communication what so ever) so I tried it with a shell script through PowerChute.

What I did was i've setup the Mac's running on the APC with PowerChute, I can configure then to shutdown at a certain time or run a shell script. The last server to go down will run this shell script sending a "activeadmin --device his_ipaddress --password his_password shutdown".

Now, normally activeadmin will ask if I am sure, I have to type in "yes", so I use the feature "expect". For you who use shell script will know this.

Unfortunately, this doesn't work. I think because the activeadmin can't really work with this kind of sophistication. But he, this is not a script forum...

My question is if one of you have a way figured out control the Active Storage?

thanks, Lucas

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I figured out the expect script.