adding client machine into xsan 3.1

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Hi All,

I can't seem to add client machines to Xsan server. at the add computer menu, I would click add remote computer, then enter in ip address and click ok. Got past authentication menu, to the choose roles. Not placing a check mark, since I don't want that workstation to be MDC, hit continue and this is the pop up error I'm receiving.

XSAN is on network, and client is on Both on subnet of

another strange thing is when I hard set manual IP address on the client machine, it would drop off the network. Only way to bring it online is using DHCP and Xsan is complaining that client needs to be on Static.

Any help would be appreciated!

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error message:

network configuration required
the computer XXXXXX requires manual network configuration to be added to the SAN. You need to assigin it an address on the metadata network (

does this mean that client and Xsan needs to be on same network vlan? basically on 10.244.128.XXX and not two different vlan and

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That would be the right assumption as it was the case with previous versions too. In summary, the metadata network needs to be on the same vlan so that the backend protocols between MDC and Client stations work properly, if you have different vlans for that then there is no way to guarantee that the messages will go across vlans. Even if the ip looks really close, the vlans are similar to islans isolated to each other so the machines can't really see each other.

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ahh no wonder! appreciate your response