Mavericks StorNext 5 ACLs

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I'm trying to manage StorNext 5.0 SAN volumes permissions using the Mavericks Server with Open Directory and File Sharing. My configuration is solid until I reach the point of adding the StorNext 5 volumes in the Server File Sharing. I can add the SAN volume to be shared, but I am not able to apply ACLs. I get a message stating "Failed to save access control list. Make sure that access control lists are enabled on the volume."

I have enabled the "Enforce ACLs" feature on the M440 MDCs. Still File Sharing is unable to apply ACLs to the SAN volumes.

I guess I'm am missing an important element in this configuration, but I don't know what it is or how to resolve it. Any insight is welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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I've got the same issue. Were you ever able to come up with a solution to this? I'm reaching out to Quantum today to see if they can assist.


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ACLs enabled there?

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