Yellow exclamation mark?

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XSAN 3.1, enhance storage, two macminis as MDC's, promise sanlinks


I've inherited this Xsan at my new Job. I know a thing or two about Xsan but i'm no wizard.. ;)
Last week the volume did a failover from mdc1 to mdc2 couldn't get my head around why. After a reboot of mdc1 and a failover back from mdc2 to mdc1 everything seemed ok. Two days later same thing. But this time my storage (enhance RS16) was not showing up in the disk util. So powering down both mdc's, reboot of the storage and the volume worked again.

I had noticed before all this happened that there was a yellow exclamation mark at the LUN overview. Because the volume failovered the last time to mdc2 i booted that mdc first.
I noticed that there is no yellow exclamation mark anymore, but the minute i boot up mdc1 its there...

When i go to the LUNs in XSAN admin I see three of them:

empty - 26 TB - empty - empty
XsanLUN1 - 2TB - MetadataAndJournal - Video
XsanLUN2 - 22 TB - Video - Video

Where is the first collum is 'LUN Label" the second "Size" the third " Storage Pool" and the fourth " Volume".

Question: is it normal to have an unnamed LUN? And what does the yellow exclamation mark mean the minute i boot mdc1?

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the minute i boot MDC1 the yellow exclamation mark appears at the unnamed LUN...

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Sounds like MDC1 isn't seeing the LUNS but MDC2 is. The yellow typically meant at least one controller couldn't see the LUNS. pump out a diskutil list from both your MDCS next time this happens. Check FC connections between controllers(mostly MDC1) and switch.

-Trevor Carlson