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OS X 10.10 Yosemite includes Xsan 4.

There are some changes to how to set up Xsan and compatibility between versions of OS X and Xsan.

If you upgrade your Mac to 10.10 then it is incompatible with Xsan 3. Officially, you can NOT have Xsan 3 (10.9) clients on a 10.10 Xsan, and, vice versa, 10.10 (Xsan 4) clients will not work on a Xsan 3 based SAN.

I’ve done some basic testing with Xsan 4 and it does away with the Xsan Admin app, all setup is done in the Server.app. Also, it depends on Open Directory (and DNS of course). If there is no OD set up then it will create one (same with DNS). Therefore, join your Xsan controller to your OD or risk creating a new master OD.

To configure the clients you export a config profile and install it on the clients, or enrol the Xsan controller in MDM (Profile Manager, for example) and push out the config to the clients.

I have not tested Xsan 4 with StorNext but I expect there is compatibility, as usual.

More info when I test some more and upgrade clients out in the real world.


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I put up some screenshots of a clean Xsan 4 install on my blog macvfx.wordpress.com, link below.



Mat X

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Xsan 4 Migration Guide by Apple Inc.


Mat X

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We are running Xsan 3.1 on a couple of Mac minis as dual MDC's, and have new Mac Pro computer that has Yosemite on it, and we want to add it to the San but can't seem to add it. (We continually get the old "unreachable or offline" warning. We have no plans to upgrade our MDC's to Yosemite for now, or is the only way to add a Yosemite client?

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Xsan 4 clients are not manageable by Xsan Admin and so you will always get "offline" errors.

Upgrading the MDCs to Yosemite is the only officially supported method to get the clients in the SAN.

Other administrators have noted that there is nothing in the underlying protocol that blocks the clients and MDCs from talking to each other, and they have had success manually configuring clients in a manner similar to how you would configure an Xsan client to be part of a SAN with Quantum MDCs. Obviously going that route takes on a measure of risk as you are in a not-officially-supported configuration; Apple does not perform QA validation on that configuration. If you feel comfortable with that risk envelope, you could choose to follow their example.

Also, you would be taking on all of the other responsibilities of management. If you change the fsnameservers list, you will need to update the clients manually. If you want to stop a volume, you will need to unmount it manually from the client.

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Dear all
i piyush from india i have just xsan 4 environment i know about fully x san 2 environment but i dont have admin guide for x san 4 please suggest where can i download input any idea or https
link for x san 4 user guide and admin guide in pdf format or video. I confused about some little topics what i do suggest please any one


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its on ibooks, the migration guide that is. there really is no xsan admin guide anymore. What is your question? Check out this post from matx.


-Trevor Carlson