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Active Storage and UPS intelligence


Has anyone set up a system with Active Storage who listens to APC UPS? I want to Active Storage to shutdown after a while when it get's to hot in the server room. (we had some airco issues in the past).

I can't seem to get it working with the serial cable (communication what so ever) so I tried it with a shell script through PowerChute.

What I did was i've setup the Mac's running on the APC with PowerChute, I can configure then to shutdown at a certain time or run a shell script. The last server to go down will run this shell script sending a "activeadmin --device his_ipaddress --password his_password shutdown".

Now, normally activeadmin will ask if I am sure, I have to type in "yes", so I use the feature "expect". For you who use shell script will know this.

Unfortunately, this doesn't work. I think because the activeadmin can't really work with this kind of sophistication. But he, this is not a script forum...

My question is if one of you have a way figured out control the Active Storage?

thanks, Lucas

SSDs for metadata


I talked with someone who added some Intel SD3700s to a Promise x30. They used them for metadata on a volume with an extremely diverse set of data (big and small), but primarily so they could get better performance for the millions of tiny files they were serving. The person I spoke with said they actually worked with Promise to make sure drive support was included in the latest firmware. Our ActiveRAIDs are out of warranty now, but I'd still like to get a couple more years out of them.

Has anyone tried something similar with Active Storage hardware?


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SanLink2 Mavericks Beta Driver

Does anyone have a driver for Promise SanLink2 different from the 1.0.39 on the web site. Currently, I have new SanLink2 and new MacPro's, but can't see my ActiveRAID LUN's and it looks like someone on here said that the first driver had a bug, but that there was a new driver. I have contacted support, but doubt I hear back on weekend and really need to get this working.

If someone has a driver that works with SanLink2 and Active Storage RAID, please contact me.

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Active Storage re-opened


Seems that Active Storage have re-opened their doors.



Anybody who knows anything more about it?



It's the former CEO of iQStor, Jason Lo who has rebooted the company.


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Looking for second hand Active Raid storage


I'm looking for a ActiveRaid main chassis (with or without drives) or expansions chassis to replace an Expansion chassis that is giving me trouble. I'm also looking for some spare Active raid controllers.

We are a post-production company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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