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XSAN Not Mounting: Missing LUNs

Promise E class and J class SAS expansion chassis
ActiveRaid with SAS expansion chassis
QLogic 5800 and 5600 FC switches
Mac 12 core 10.6.8 FinalCutServer Host
StorNext 4.7.1 HA MDC
XSan Clients

StorNext and Suse Linux can not see 2 stripe groups that are associated with the Promise Raid.
Running fs_scsi -p shows all devices except for the missing SG’s from the Promise Raid
Running “paths” in CVadmin shows the same results
The GUI for Active and Promise show all drives, LUNs mounted, controllers up.
Disk Utility shows missing LUNs on the ActiveRaid, but all LUNs for the Promise.

Quantum engineering spent hours on this issue and conclude that it is a hardware issue and can not be repaired in software.
Question: Can the 2 missing stripe groups be restored ?

SSDs for metadata


I talked with someone who added some Intel SD3700s to a Promise x30. They used them for metadata on a volume with an extremely diverse set of data (big and small), but primarily so they could get better performance for the millions of tiny files they were serving. The person I spoke with said they actually worked with Promise to make sure drive support was included in the latest firmware. Our ActiveRAIDs are out of warranty now, but I'd still like to get a couple more years out of them.

Has anyone tried something similar with Active Storage hardware?


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Looking for second hand Active Raid storage


I'm looking for a ActiveRaid main chassis (with or without drives) or expansions chassis to replace an Expansion chassis that is giving me trouble. I'm also looking for some spare Active raid controllers.

We are a post-production company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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